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Alex the Tutor Profile PictureAlex, the owner and operator of A-Squared Math Tutoring, is a former statistics major at Arizona State University.  He began his tutoring career at the age of 17 by helping struggling freshman after school.  He quickly noticed his talent for helping students and began work at a tutoring center in Central Phoenix, working with students from the age of 6 all the way up to the college level.  He moved on to working for the State of Arizona at secondary high schools, helping last chance students to pass the AIMS (Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards, now replaced by Common Core) so that they could graduate high school.  He did this at two schools for a number of years before branching off on his own, mainly focusing on high school and college students through algebra, calculus, and statistics.  Now through A-Squared Math Tutoring he hopes to widen his blanket over the entire Valley of the Sun, and bring success to any students currently struggling.

Alex believes in teaching concepts and tools for success, or as he refers to it “working himself out of a job.”  The goal is to teach students to be self-sufficient in all subjects through increasing confidence, studying skills, and fundamental concepts required in their future math career.